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might happen if a twist of fate denies them to paying back the loan. >> christopher looked up to me. what he didn't realize is i looked up to him in a lot of ways as well. >> reporter: what christophers didn't realize when he took out more than $45,000 in private student loans was that he would never live to complete that education. at 23, he fell from a tree, smacking his head on the way down. >> he sustained a severe traumatic brain injury, which left him unable to see, speak or move. >> reporter: christopher lived in this vegete state for two years. shortly after he died, the bank came knocking. they wanted repayment of the student loan which christopher's father had co-signed. >> what did your parents say? >> what could you say. >> reporter: the government for gives federal student loan if a student is disabled or dies. private institutions don't have to. they can even demand co-signers immediately payoff the loan in full. and renegotiating terms can also be restricted. >> my parents are now spending over $500 a month. and will be through 2020 paying off christopher's debt. >> r
to fox 5 about their horrifying ordeal. christopher wood and jim mcnulty withheld against their will for 4 hours by an estranged man. paul wagner joins us live in the newsroom with their story. >> reporter: brooip, jim and christopher knew pretty quickly they were dealing with a deeply troubled man. the things he was saying were off the wall. on their own, the men decided to lie in hopes james lee would buy their stories. they didn't want him to know what they really did for discovery. >> you know, i almost called. >> reporter: jim mcnulty says he wasn't a hostage long before realizing if he was going to live, he had to come up with a story. >> the last thing i need to tell him is that i'm a producer. so i thought i'd come up with something innocuous to make myself just kind of fade into the background that i wasn't important. >> reporter: christopher wood did the same thing. >> i didn't want him to know what i did or how i affected communications so i i was an ad man and he asked me what that was and i said i file papers. >> i have a bomb. >> reporter: police made contact
of the volunteers. this is christopher. christopher drove here from fremont yesterday. saw this on the news and you came here to offer your services. >> yes, ma'am. i did. i actually was coming home from work on thursday night around 11:00 p.m., i heard it on the radio on740-am so i came to san bruno because they needed volunteers. >> what have you seen since you have been here? tell us what's been happening overnight. >> i have seen a lot of emergency vehicles. i was coming up 280 south and i saw a lot of burning embers, power completely out. found my way here, signed on the books, and helped a couple of buses that they brought from the city to move in some supplies and some clothes, and not much has happened here. i mean, most of the -- when i got here, most of the people were upstairs already sleeping. we were just moving in supplies. a lot of helpful nice people. >> reporter: there are a lot of volunteers, people coming from outside areas? >> the list that i actually signed, i was number 15. out of 25 that were on there. >> reporter: thank you very much, christopher. >> of course, ma'am. >> rep
a heart attack or something. then i noticed christopher was trying to get my attention. i looked over and he had his arms folded and putting three fingers under his arm. he mouthed the word run. he mouthed the word yes. he wasn't looking at me in the eyes for quite a while. but i mouthed run and he shook his head yes. i look over and christopher is almost out the door and i had that realization of oh my god, so i got behind the pillar and a voice went off in my head like run, he's going to come after you. so i bolted and as i come from behind the pillar, i can see he had come from around the desk and his gaze went from christopher over to me and i just booked it and i headed for that door and i slammed through. when i hit the ground and i saw jim run and then i heard pop, pop, pop, i was already cuffed and i just started crying. i mean, tears of joy and tears of, this is over, and i'm okay. you know, it was overwelming. >> they were cuffed because when they fled the building, they weren't sure whether they were friend or foe. lesley. >> that lobby represents four hours of hell for t
press. christopher hart h a r t. >> the next meeting will be tonight. tonight. (no audio) >> mr. christopher hard he's the vice chair of the ntsb were waiting for the official said bruno's and their view of what happened last night as they gathered the microphone to talk to reporters. while we wait long to begin to think they are beginning to listen now? all right we are waiting for them to get the order of the appearance by the various officials will gather there. interesting and that christopher hart said it was amazing scene of destruction. we certainly have been showing the pictures and on the right side of your screen you can see when of the homes that one up in flames. he said a section of the pipeline at the whole on to the streets. that tells him the magnitude of the explosion trade again we were talking last out about how quickly the fire spread to the trinity and that explosion of is the reason why. the ntsb will not be looking at who's to blame or liability but will be looking at the operation and maintenance and history of the pipeline how was installed, what safegua
randallstown is being returned to this country tonight. on sunday, 25-year-old christopher vaile veilllost his life in afghanistan. tonight jeff abell shows us how3 he is being remembered. >> everyone knows that christopher was mm life. i raased christopher all of my life, by myself. >> ara vaile is dealing with the pain of losing her only child. >> that's what i will miss he most. and his smile. %-just the way he just enccpturd everything, every day. all about liie for him..3 >> her son christopher fresh out of hiih school when he joined the marines. by the time he was 23,,he was a and the served three tours in iraq. but two years ago, during his final tour ii iraq, vaile was severely injured by a roadside bomb. >> he took shrapnel on the left side of the body. both ear drums shattered. >> he was aaarded the purppe heartt he ould havv come home. refusing to leave the squadaq, bbhind. >> he loved it that much. he loved his men. >> on sunnay, christopher vaile veil now working with a private security firm in afghanistan encountered another roadside bomb. this time it costthim his. >> a mothe
are still paying a price for this flood. marcia and christopher live on the same block in dundalk, but their lives have been miles apart since the massive water main break that flooded several neighborhoods here year ago. >> the water was to write about their. >> her basement was like 100 others that day, but now it is back to normal, because she unknowingly had what is called the suit is coverage, when she looked -- is called sewerage coverage. >> i had it, and i said thank you, god. >> a year ago we were feeling pretty good. we had a pretty good house with a finished basement and all. >> until a 72-inch water main broke, sending a flood into christophers basement, which is now putting back together himself. his insurance policy did -- his insurance policy did not have storage coverage. he said allstate tell them they did not have coverage. >> he has spent $8,000 out of pocket so far to clean and fix up his basement. not to mention the $10,000 worth of damage property he lost. >> do you think a year from that day you would still be dealing with this? >> i did, personally. my wife
of congress. >> family mourning the loss of a son and soldier. sunday 25-year-old christopher bail was killed in afghaaistan. jeff hhre with the tragic details. jeff? >>reporter: christopher survived a bomb attack two years ago but this weekend a second aatack cost him his life. he was killed bay roadside bomb in after essablish on sunday. he had been working for a private months. he john walker lindh the firm after serving 5 years in thh marines whhch included 3 tours in iraq here he earned aapurple heart. in randaal's town his mother is dealing withhthe pain of llsing a son. >> mother donn have words this earth. he fought ford onf this country on foreign soil. >>reeorterr he's being flown back to the country tonight. his mother and fiance are now planniig a meeorial service. this is news at 5530. >>> okay jeff. the newest 9/11 memorial in this area is now completed. finishing touches put on last night. now the memorial sttnd in front of the andarundle fire and police headquarters. the beaas are are from the rubble at ggound zero. they were brought in last month. area contracto
. >> christopher mouthed the word "run" and i just kind of nodded and christopher had his arms folded. he held down three fingers. >> i started counting down a little bit, put one finger down, and i got nervous and the gunman was looking at me so i put it back up. i hesitated for a moment and i counted down again. i nt all the way to zero and i looked back at jim and i looked back at the gunman and he was looking right at me. and as soon as he looked down at the phone, i dropd my arms and took off running for the same door tha i came in. >> mcnullty said he heard gunfire when he ran out. it was from swat team members who killed lee. there is more to view of the hostages at our web site. >>> there is renewed hope night that the 33 trapped miners in chile can be rescued ahead of schedule. a drill was able to reach the men today where they've been trapped 2,000 feet underground. the next step is to widen the hole to about 28 inches. it could take about six week to pull those men out. that's much sooner than the christmas estimate that was originally given. the men have been trapped now for about a mon
write it. >>> we are back live at the news conversation where christopher hart the vice chairman of the national transportation safety board, federal regulators just approached the podium and just begun speaking. >> the purpose of the national transportation board and the reason we're here today is a federal agency to investigate transportation accidents of all types and then determine what caused those accidents and then make recommendations to try to prevent the accidents from occurring again. that is our purpose. that is what we're here for today. before i begin i would like to express on behalf of the ntsb condolences to the families and friends of the victims of this tragedy. leading the investigation is our investigator in charge, who is standing beside me. chattre. he has over 30 years of experience in pipelines. i'm a little bit short on information to provide to you because today was our first full day of investigation and we have not had the progress heating, the meeting in which i hear from all of the groups what they have accomplished. i can give you briefly what i un
. christopher hart addressed a couple year yous the investigation and then whether or not folks did report smelling gas before the blast. here is christopher hart. >> i mentioned previously a 28- foot section of pipe that was blown out of the ground, blown 100 feet and sitting on the street. that piece of pipe, that 28- foot section of 30-inch pipe we are as we speak crating it up, putting it in a crate because investigators decided that needs to go back to our metalargy labs in washing to on the. we have heard -- washington we have heard people reported smelling gas but have no response to those reports. from the various sources we are looking to for that we are not able to find instances of people who reported an odour and we would ask anybody who says they reported smelling gas, to contact us through whatever means including that e- mail address. >> that e-mail address they gave earlier was san bruno. one word, at anyone with information is asked to say what they think they know in an e-mail and send it to them. we are learning more about that gas line the ruptured segment was
chairman christopher hart from ntsb. he has been doing the app dates every day at 5:00 p.m.. he attended a meeting last night with other federal investigators and local officials and residents filling them in on the latest. his investigators will not take no for an answer and it will be here for as long as it takes to find all the answers they need in their investigation to figure out what went wrong. if they're here to provide an objective and unbiased report to figure out why it went wrong when this pipe exploded. he said they do not know the cause yet to and he was questioned by residents who asked him if he would even venture a guess last night and he reduced saying he did not know what went wrong and that's why they're doing exhaustive investigation on the pipeline carrie. he also said this is the second phase of the investigation and this is one hell do interviews and speaking to residents and looking over the documents which have been given to them by pg&e. we're awaiting the news conference i will bring it to you as soon as they get here. >> while we wait for the news conference
. the letter from christopher hall and joseph morehead, attorneys for appellant, sunflower spa, requesting rehearing of appeal number 10-037, sunflower spa vs. department of health. at that time, upon motion by garcia, the board voted 4-0-1 -- vice president goh was absent -- to uphold the revocation of the subject massage establishment permit with adoption of the hearing officer's findings. >> thank you. >2w3thank you for the continua. president peterson: state your name for the record? >> christopher hall, appearing for the permit holder at 450b jones street. she requested a rehearing in this matter because she felt that it would be manifest injustice served and the end result would be manifest injustice, if there is an outright revocation as opposed to the gradual penalty that could have been imposed, meaning a penalty of suspension. i would like to point out there were two issues raised in our brief, and one deals with the testimony that was brought to the attention of the board back on august 11. that was the statement that he received a complaint in july of 2010 of prostitution at t
. we are expecting to hear from senators boxer and feinstein. the president of pg&e christopher johns, as well as the mayor of san bruno, the california public utilities commission and the ntsb, which is in charge of the investigation into what happened in san bruno. last week, feinstein and boxer introduced a bill to double the number of term pipeline inspectors, increase the penalties for pipeline safety violations and require automatic electronic shutoff valves wherever possible. it would also require pipeline operators to contact all property owners within 2,000 feet of a natural gas transmission line informing them of the line. another factor, now under investigation an equipment failure the day of the blast at pg&e's terminal in milpitas, which is at the end of the line that blew. a piece of equipment called an uninterruptible power supply system, or u.p.s., reportedly failed that day. it's designed to make sure electricity is constant during blackouts and now the feds are looking into whether that failure affect pg&e's ability to regulate the pipeline's pressure. this is the pi
was 25 when he passed away. >> reporter: christopher was hurt in an accident and he spent two years in a con stan vegetative state before dying. >> it was horrible. it was heart wrenching. >> as horrible as it was for ryan to lose a brother and his parents a son, his death also sparked a financial tsunami for the family what you are told when you cosign for the loan is you are responsible for repayment if the original borrower defaults on the loan. not if he dies. >> reporter: all the the information is often buried in the fine print of the contract, but what is often never talked about or put in the paperwork is information on protections for the cosigners, most notably credit insurance which repays it in case of death or disability. >> no one told me. i don't know if anyone told you. it is a whole industry in the u.s. where you can, just like you would insure your mortgage with gap coverage there is insurance to cover your student loan. >> when i heard the story of christopher and his family i was outraged. i would like to know who made the commitment. >> reporter: it prompted con
. >> a request for a continuance. >> so moved. >> the next item is christopher johnson doing business as one block down at 2080 vann-- van ness avenue. they are applying for one full table. this is a location permitted by the education commission. the applicants plan to operate a food-service business with entertainment in the evening hours. this is to be live music, open live tonight, bingo, and trivia. operation is planned for seven days a week featuring new american cuisine. occupancy is listed at 123 persons. the operators have had food businesses being san francisco. planning has indicated that both the planning and in a timid people are normally uses. approval is recommended with conditions. the most important one is entertainment to end at 1:30 a.m. and also a request for the installation and the surveillance cameras. the permit officer has indicated to staff that all approval but he is giving is predicated on the applicant signing a lease. unless they have new information for me at this time, there is not a lease signed so the staff is recommending that the commission grant this with
fallen forward or a heart attack. >> then i noticed christopher was trying to get my attention. i looked over and he was putting three fingers under his arms and announced the words run. he shook his head yes. he wasn't looking at me for a while. i mouthed run. i look over and christopher is almost out the door. i had that reallyzation of oh, my god. so i got behind the pillar and a vice went off in my head run you can't stay here. so i bolted. as i come from behind the pillar, i see he had come from around the desk and his gaze went from christopher to me. then i booked it and i headed for the door and slammed through. >> when i hit the ground and i saw jim run and then i heard pop pop, pop, pop, pop. i was already cuffed. i started crying. it was tears of joy. this is over. i'm okay. it was overwhelming. >> the men were cuffed because when they fled the building the s.w.a.t. team and police weren't sure whether they were friend or foe. >>> good morning. welcome to 9news now. today is monday, september 20th. i'm andrea roane. before we get to weather and traffic we have three closures.
in for just a moment. this is christopher hart from ntsb. >> i will now take a few questions. >> okay. christopher hart has been asking for witnesses to come forward for the explosion. >> question is what was my assessment? it was amazing direction the charge trees and area that was completely flattened. melted charred cars and house that's disappeared and it was an amazing scene of destruction. >> were you wanting to talk to residents saying to many of the reporters here that they had smelled gas fumes in the past weeks? is that of interest to you? >> the question is will we be wanting to talk to residents reporting they smelled gas fumes? we'll want to talk to anyone who has information that is potentially per nent to this event. >> that is christopher harts of the national transportation safety board taking questions from the media. one of the things he wanted to know is asking for the public to come forward is there is nflgs f information there. have been reports of a smell of gas in the area. so they want information on that. >> yeah. we'll monitor that and continue to bring you
feel it then there's no stopping us. >> rose: you mentioned christopher. i should point him. there's a photograph in a magazine i'm going to talk more about later. who who is he? >> he is the greatest creative... chief creative officer in the world today. he's young, 39-year-old british visionary and just the most honorable, trusted partner that... but such a visionary and we laugh because we always say he's the art and i'm the commerce. >> rose: right. >> and then we've got a great c.f.o. on my left and she's... so it's this team of people that divide and conquer and trust each other. but i introduced him to the team as the brand czar. >> rose: 40 so how do you define his skills? what makes up a great designer? >> in the case of burberry, he... because he's british and he's grown up with the brand owl of the years and didn't spend all of his time in england. we met at donna karan, he gets the brand. and so britishness is probably the biggest differentiator that we have. i mean, you know... >> rose: if you think burberry, you think british. >> absolutely. and you think outer wear.
and one boundless reach of sky. >> my name is debra epps m and brother, christopher edepps, worked for mosh and mcclennan on the 98th floor of tower one. i workedacross the street from rld trade center, and when i got to work that day someone yelled, world trade center on fire. i knew my brother worked there, so i immediately left work to look for him. christopher was the youngest of our parents' seven children. he loved his family very deeply and would do anything for us. he loves "star wars" movies. and when i found out that he was inside the tower that had fallen, i wrote him this poem. my beloved brother, christopher, christopher, so handsome and, oh, so fine. with a heart of gold, why, oh why did you have to leave us behind? and i said to myself, i know why. god was looking for a captain of a ship, someone who qualiesa as a jedi. don't be dear brother, shy. your ship awaits you with 2,000 and more to stand by your side, to travel with you on your journey into the sky. your pancakes are on the griddle and there's plenty of sweet potato pie. oh, how i want to cry because when
christopher hahn and chip, the former campaign manager for huckabee for president. good to see you. thank you for coming in. chip, how would these two get along? >> well, it's a great question and it's going to -- a lot will depend on what h'rappened in november. we're not in the majority yet. things look good. let's not count or chickens yet. they don't have much of a relationship right now. you've seen it in a few pick up appearances. i go back to where they had the health care debate where it seemed like president obama was almost lecturing john boehner instead of having a conversation. my guess is if the president wants to get anything done, he probably needs to reach out to leader boehner and try to build some kind of relationship because it's going to be very important to not only the president and the white house, but the country that they work together. >> rick: christopher, president obama giving a couple of speeches this past week in which he mentioned john boehner by name on several occasions, almost singling him as the villain inhis whole story who is standing in the way of the ob
press meeting will happen. >> christopher hart. > >> you have been listening to christopher hart, ntsb. spokesperson talking about the investigation into that huge pipeline explosion. couple of interesting things he was talking about. specifically what they are going to look into. looking in to the pipeline but also the maintenance, history, the pressure that pipeline can with stand. the safe guards, also the people operating the pipeline and they are investigate the emergency preparedness, the response plan that pg and e has and how the company responded once the explosion happened. also something very interesting. he said that right at the top there that 170 houses had been damaged or destroyed. the number that we had use of this morning were much lower than that. >> ken pritchett was at that meeting. ken pritchett. we heard you asking a question there about the people's report that smelling gas before the explosion. >> reporter: obviously you heard the ntsb saying the answer to that question was that is something that obviously is part of their investigation, would be very interest
of cooks illustrated magazine, it's america's test kitchen, with your host christopher kimball, featuring test kitchen
. >> i kept calming him down. quizzed christopher says that he came face-to-face with james one week ago on the bus. he was passing of christian cards when he offended lee who went unleash. he says that he saw him around 12:00 a.m. yesterday pushing cardboard boxes. he had no idea they contained explosives. matt worse for discovery, but was not inside when lee came in sight with the boxes and fired a gun in the lobby. he had left work for the day, and is surprised. >> you need key cards and access to get everywhere, so i usually feel safe here. >> today he and many others returned to work of the discovery building. but it is not only those who work there who were shaken. people just across the street are reminded. >> a spontaneous maniac -- it is crazy. today the mood is somber, waiting to see how the rest of the day plays out. >> samantha was one of the last employees to back we her office. she came face-to-face with snipers when she finally got out. >> i still have to go to work. i still have a job to do. you have to move on. >> now we go back to our other top stories today. take a loo
are going to be turned into art at the south bay today. artist christopher baker will unveil an interactive video that will play on a four-story canvas in santana row in san jose. people have been answering the question what is your dream for the future? they can do that via facebook, twitter, e-mail, text message or voice mail. then tonight baker will display those responses in realtime. he says it will create an ever-changing story of how the silicon valley envisions its future. >> pretty interesting there. >>> 6:26 right now. what's in the future when it comes to our forecast? enjoy today. >> yeah, some big changes, probably a lot of folks not envisioning a future in september that includes showers for the weekend but we've got that coming up. this morning no worries about that. 50s outside around san jose. you can see here on the satellite the clouds which are off to our north today and tomorrow will bring a chance of showers a little further south as we wrapup the week. 80s around livermore. there you see san francisco 65, and to the east way you'll see 82 in concord and pittsburg, 78
suffered a traumatic brain injury after a fall. christopher was in a vegetative state for two years before his passing in 2006. for the bryski family, the suffering was far more than the loss of a young son. christopher had to borrow money to finance an education and received loans from the federal government and a private lender. like most kids, christopher did not have enough credit to receive a private loan on his own, so his father co-signed his loan. federal loan discharge upon the death of a student, however private loans do not. since joseph co-signed christopher's loan he was responsible to pay it back in full. this troubled the bryski family because no where in the contract was a clause specifying what would happen to the loan upon the death or disability. the lender told them according to the bank, christopher's state and subsequent death was an inability to pay so the financial burden was placed on joseph. this was not the only problem they encountered, due to the fact that christopher was over 18, he was, according to the law, an adult and able to make his own financial, legal
. >> and i noticed christopher was trying to get my attention. i looked over and he had his arms folded and he was putting three fingers down under his arm. i said run. he shook his head yes. i look over and he was almost ought the door and i had that realization of, oh, my god. so i got behind the pillar and i had to secure myself and a voice went off in my head like run. you can't stay here. he's going to come after you. >> reporter: the gunman was shot dead. the lives of two men forever changed. >> there is a reason i'm alive. there is a reason i ran out that door. and that reason is to fight every day and make every day worth living. >> life is definitely a gift. i hug my kids a little tighter. i went home that night and they were in the bathtub and i picked them up. they were still wet. and i picked them up out of the tub and picked up my daughter and i was just holding her. she said, daddy, let me go. i said uh-uh. >> reporter: jim says he is re reassessing his life now and may become a de con in his church. christopher woods says he has found great comfort in writing and plans t
economic calamity. christopher, you like gold? >> yes. >> reporter: why? >> because gold has an intrinsic value that's lasted for thousands of years. >> reporter: christopher is ready for the worst. we strolled with him down 47th street in manhattan, the street lined with gold traders. so, after work, sometime during the day, you might come over and buy, what? coins, you buy little bars, what -- >> yeah, i would typically buy a gold coin, perhaps. typically one ounce coins is what i deal with. >> reporter: he's got pretty much all of his investment income in gold, which he buys in coins, and stores himself. because he's gotten into the point where he does not trust banks. what do you say to people who might hear your story and say, that's a guy who is going out and buying gold and he's stashing it away out of the bank system and he's probably storing guns somewhere and he's kind of a paranoid about life? what do you say toe that? >> you know, if you want to put your trust in what people are doing, in this administration, if you're confident when the federal reserve doubles the monetary ba
private first class christopher macleod, killed three years ago this month in baghdad. his sergeant remembered his first mission, searching 100 houses for insurgents. he said, hey, new guys, are you all right? he yelled back, yes, this is what i signed up for. his mom joins us on the phone in texas to share more memories about her son. was he always this way, full of motivation, mom? >> yes, yes, he was. >> and where did that come from? >> i think probably his dad. >> his dad had a big influence on him? >> oh, yes, absolutely. >> i understand, too, that he was always motivated even as a little boy when it came to making things for the people he loved and his family. he was quite gifted at woodworking. >> yes. >> okay. tell us about that. >> he had many different hobbies, and therefore for a while when he was young, he got into woodworking and would spend hours and hours on a machine with his wood, making all kinds of plaques and pictures and things constantly. he loved it. >> from what i understand, you're still sharing those gifts with friends and family members, passing them aroun
into the background, that i wasn't important. >> reporter: christopher wood said he did the same thing. >> i didn't want him to know what i did or how i affected discovery communications. so i said i was admin and he said what the hell does admin do and i said i file papers. >> i have a gun and i have a bomb. >> reporter: as lee ranted the hostages heard the police make contact. >> he made the guard put on speaker. so we heard every word of both sides between the negotiator and the police. >> reporter: lee told the men it was a good day to die and ordered both of them to stand. he wanted to know if they had kids. >> i already lied to him because i told him i was in scheduling and i didn't think i could keep track of two. so i said yes, sir, i have two. >> who told you to have kids? no one, sir. >> no one. you just went and did it. so what, nobody loved you? is that it? you had to make someone that would love you? he asked me if i had kids and i said now and he asked me are you going to have kids and i said no. he said can you promise me that and i said yes. i just was giving him anything, one wor
a local man died in a bombing attack in afghanistan. christopher bale's family says the 24-year-old was killed sunday. bale was a marine for four year, serving two tours of duty in iraq and received the purple heart. he was in afghanistan working as a contractor. bale graduated from carver high school. >> three men are facing charges. they attacked a man almost killing him. the attack happened from baltimore's busy penn state. >> reporter: in broad daylight, a 37-year-old man attacked and almost killed by a group of young teenagers monday afternoon. the suspects who face attempted murder charges are just 14 and 16 years old. keith anderson, the youngest in the group had a knife. >> they asked him for some change. the victim declined to give them any change. one of the suspects pulled out a knife and stabbed him in the chest. >> reporter: he asked anderson why he did it, his answer according to court records is he had change and he should have gave it to you. the crime alarming to people who walk around the station. >> that's not safe, i would not be walking around this area. >>
today, christopher ward of bethesda admitted he took money from a fund-raising account an put it in his personal one. some of the embezzled funds were supposed to go that a fund- raising dinner for then president bush. ward could be sentenced to as much as ten years in jail. >>> a story that gives new meaning to the term hot water. water is usually used to put out a fire but one couple is worried because theirs catches on fire. look at this. mark an linda said they started to smell gas after crews dug a water well in the backyard. dominion gas took samples but they don't have official results yet but they say there has to be something in their water because if the flame gets too close it doesn't go out. they say they are using bottled water for cooking and cleaning. probably wise. >>> an unbelievable fish tale, or should i say shark tale on the potomac. willy dean was fishing on the potomac on tuesday and noticed something rather large in his net. that's it, a deadly eight foot long bull shark. the 300-pound shark was in the mouth of the potomac, a mile away from point lookout state par
people for no reason. >> the program has been in place for one week. captain christopher says they have only had four complaints. this woman says she can't wait to use it on police. >> you would report police? >> i would. >> really? >> yes, i would. >> that already happened. >> we get complaints on our cruisers. >> he says since the county owns the car, the officer's commander is notified. they will see who was driving and whether the officer was out of line. for most people, it's supposed to be a wakeup call. >> only thing i can honestly say is there will be more of me is excessive speed. i will be honest with you. >> i'm lindsay, 9fuse now. >> they do not take unanimous complaints and don't release information about who did the telling. that is so there's no retaliation. >>> you know, i felt some sort of deja vu today. it was hot again. >> it was, but it was 96 but the relative humidity was 13%. you couldn't break a sweat. i don't care what you were doing out there. >> i broke a sweat, it was hot. >> i tell you what, now the cool air rushes in. we had one hot day and now
it's like oh. >> reporter: christopher wood is also there, and a security guard. what follows is four hours of sheer terror. >> i started crying. i just started thinking this is it. this is how i'm going to die. >> at first the toughest thing was just to unknown. just not knowing what was going to happen in the next couple of seconds. let alone it was going to be a prolonged you know hostage situation. >> lee was well known to discovery protesting there for years. his rants made no sense, he wanted to encourage human sterilelyization, the fact mcnolte had children enraged him. >> who told you to have kids. >> no one, sir. >> you just did it. why two kids. one wasn't good enough. what's so good about your filthy children. >> reporter: then security guards made signals to make a run for it. >> bells went out on my head, run, he's not going to come after you. >> it was the hardest moment in my life. it's that moment everybody talks about. looking death straight in the face. >> now the security guard who was also held hostage is chosing to remain anonymous. it took the bomb squad four hou
of organizations were celebrated for their efforts in keeping kids off drugs. christopher kennedy received an award tonight. this organization is great. they work with kids with problems like underage drinking, marijuana use among children. a great crowd there. >> it was a great crowd. >>> we are calling this dracula summer. you are going to be wearing garlic around your neck. is that what you are doing? >> by the time to get to november, we will see no more 90 degree days. >> what are we going to be seeing? outside tonight once again, a beautiful light. then rice got this great shot of the moon with jupiter. tomorrow night, the moon will be just above jupiter. it is the closest since the '50s or '60s, depending on the astronomer you talk to. even with opera glasses or small binoculars, you can see it. with temperatures being up to the 80's, our average high. our last 90 degree day last summer was august 22. let me take you around our weatherbug network. it was 68 degrees by this time of year then. i guess the good thing about this continuing dry pattern means after recess everybody is dry. portera
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